Ayurvedic Schmuck von Weinberg Pfirsichen


‘Ayu’ = life, ‘Veda’ = knowledge                                       Jewels about the knowledge of life.

Vata 3



In september 2014 I started working with the peachstones of the WeinberPfirsich, the small red peaches that grow between the vinyards of the Mosel. From January until August I have worked at the Ayurvedic 5*star Hotel Parkschlösschen. There I got inspired by the Ayurvedic philosophy that every entity exists out of three types of energy; power and fire comes from pitta, stable and caring energy from the earth/water-type kapha and a moving dynamic energy from the air-type vata. As a respons to the connection I see with the human body energy centers I have created dangling vata-earrings, a neckless pitta-pendant that you wear near the solar plexus and a tangible kapha pocket-piece that functions as a talisman.







Zima collection 2013


Vinca Minor 1


Vinca Minor



Visual Thinking Strategies



“What’s going on in this picture?” 

“What do you see that makes you say that?”

“What more can we find?”


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